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frens supports easy collaborations from Discord. The main way we do this is by creating magic links that will bring new members into your Discord community and automatically assign whatever role you choose. This means that anyone who has this link can be put in a group that you can later use for allowlisting or airdops. Saving you loads of time, but also making sure that anyone who wins a collaboration reward actually gets it!

Creating a New Collaboration

To create a new collaboration, type /collab-generate-url in your Discord server - frens-bot and Discord will give you a hint:

use the /collab-generate-url command to create a new collaboration

This will bring up a dialogue where you can enter a name (for your reference), and the number of links you want to generate. When you're ready, hit Submit.

Name your collab and how many links you want to create

Next, choose which Discord role you want to assign to these users - this will usually be an allowlist role or a role that you will use to identify who will receive an airdrop. (Note that only you will see this dialogue so you don't have to worry about doing this in whatever channel.)

Choose the role to assign to collab winners who join your Discord

frens-bot will generate all the links (with previews) - copy/paste these and share with your collaboration partner. (These are also hidden to everyone but you.)

The magic collab links to share

That's it! Happy Collaborating!