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Setup and Installation

The Installation and Setup of frens on your Discord server sounds like it might be difficult if you’re unaware of how bots work. We assure you that it can be done in less than a few minutes and you’ll be ready to invite more people to grow a community with ease.

Step 1: Install frens

Now that you have your roles added, you'll want to install frens on your server, and this step is fairly simple even if you don't have a technical background.

Download frens-bot to your Discord.

If you have admin level access to multiple servers they will all show here. Be sure to add frens to the right server in your list. Once you do this, simply click "Continue".

Now you'll see a pretty standard authorization page.

After you click "Authorize" you may see a captcha in order to fully add and activate frens. Simply fill out the captcha, select the right images, or click a box depending no which one you see at the time.

Now you're authorized and can begin with the setup of frens on your server!

Step 2: Configure Roles in Discord

Make sure that any role the frens-bot may be adding people to is BELOW the frens-bot role.

You'll want to go to the drop down section in your server and click "Server Settings"

After you click on "Server Settings" a popup within Discord will show and you'll want to click on "Roles".

You can move the frens-bot up the list using the dragger (left of the role name and shield) until it is above all the roles that will be configured by the frens-bot.

Step 3: frens Setup

Now, the most difficult part of the entire process, the setup!

Just kidding :)

All you have to do is go into your server and type /setup to set it all up and have it be fully operational!

Now you have frens installed and fully functioning on your server!

As always, we're available in Discord to answer any questions that you may have: