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Quick Start Process

In this section we will briefly go over each section from submitting to our waitlist all the way to slash commands and token gating!

Install and Setup

When you're ready to install and set up our app/bot you will notice it's pretty simple to do.

Step 1: Install frens-bot from
Step 2: Run the frens-bot /setup command to complete your server set up

You can see a detailed step by step guide here:

Wallet Connect

Next you'll want to connect your wallet(s) to continue the process of using frens to it's fullest potential.  As of right now, you can connect your Stacks (STX) or Ethereum (ETH) wallet through Hiro Wallet or Metamask.

Step 1: Run the /connect-wallet command
Step 2: Select Hiro (STX) or Metamask (ETH)
Step 3: Verify your wallet
Step 4: Run /status command

You can read this section in detail here:

Neoswap NFT Trading

One of our partner features is to help your swap/trade NFTs with people in a party room.  You're able to do this from Discord through Neoswap!

Step 1: Type the party command /neoswap start trading
Step 2: Enter party details
Step 3: Select a channel in your server and publish a link to it
Step 4: Manage your Neoswap party room :)

If you're in love with trading NFTs, and want more info about how this works, you can read a more detailed guide here:

NFT Token Gating

This is exactly what it sounds like, we offer token gating!  You can gate specific parts of your Discord using our app :)

Step 1: Selecting your chain
Step 2: Entering your contract address
Step 3: Adding Roles
Step 4: Publishing

If you're interested in token gating, and we think you might be, you should check out our more detailed token gating guide here:

Managing Members

This part of frens will allow you to manage, filter, check NFTs, lookup roles, check invite points, see followers, etc.

You can read a detailed guide about Managing Members here: