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Managing Members

The members section of your dashboard may seem pretty simple, but we can tell you that it has it’s own little super powers, and some of the info in there can definitely help your project :)

Let’s jump into it!


This section will show the users Discord name, profile image, as well as their ID.  I have removed my Discord ID in case there was any sort of security risk there :)


This section will show all of the roles the member has been given within your server.  This will show all of their roles in your server, not just one or two, and really shows who is earning these through your server over time.

Number of NFTs

When a user runs /verify within your server it will then show the Number of NFTs they’re holding within the wallet they used to connect.  I have a test wallet connected to my account and that is why it shows zero NFTs.  The majority of people will use their main wallets, because not everyone has test wallets, which means these numbers will vary from person to person.

Invite Points

When using frens of frens, you will gain points over time, and this is where it will show within the admin dashboard of frens.  This shows all of your points combined, not just your tier 1 invites, but also your tier 2 invites as well.  Later on we may edit this so it shows a graph of how your invites have pulled in members and how those members are when it comes to inviting new people to the server.

Twitter Followers

This section will show how many Twitter followers you have as long as you linked your account within the frens dashboard.  This number will grow, or drop, depending on how many people are following you.


We all know what filtering is, I hope, and on frens it’s no different.  You’ll be able to filter based on Roles, Invite points, and who is holding NFTs at this time.  We will likely add more filtering later on, as we add more features, but these are the filtering options for now.

1. Role
This filtering option will show all of the available roles within your server.  You can find all the admins, your mods, or simply search for “All” and go through your list of members if you’d like.

2. Invite Points
This filter helps you see who is inviting other people to your server and gaining points.  We used 10,000 points as an example, but you will want to edit this based on how active your members are.

3. Has NFT
This filter shows you who is holding an NFT within the wallet they connected when using /verify  Some people may have zero NFTs (like my test wallet) while others may have hundreds.