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frens of frens

This feature within frens is where your community turns into your advertisers, marketers, and brand ambassadors. They will want to invite others to your server because they will start to gain points for each person that does join. They will also get points for each of the 1st and 2rd tier members that happen to come in as well. This means people will be more willing to invite others that have a larger reach because they'll benefit more from these people inviting others.

Why do people love this feature?

That's easy, because it helps grow your community without having to spend time, money, and much effort into it yourself. You can add frens to your server, explain how these users can invite their friends to each points, and they will gladly do it :)

Point Breakdown

If your direct invites were to invite 10 people, and those 10 people invited 10 people, your max points could look something like this…

Direct Invite: 100 points each x 10 invites = 1,000 points

Tier 1 Invitee Invites: 10 direct invites x Each of them inviting 10 people = Up to 5,000 points

Tier 2 Invitee Invites: 100 tier 1 invitees x 10 of their invites = Up to 50,000 points

Now, these numbers will be different for everyone and we simply did the math based on everyone inviting 10 people and those 10 actually joining.  You will likely see lower numbers, because not everyone will send out 10 invites, and the figure above is for demonstration purposes only.

As you can see in the image above, the invites you send out will gain you 100 points and every invite sent out, from the people you brought in, will get you 50 points (down 2 tiers).