Using frens for Community Growth

How to grow your Web3 community using frens. Member acquisition and user engagement tips.


frens offers a number of tools to grow and engage your community. Let's look at some of the ways frens can help you your community.

Knowing Your Members

One of the key advantages of using frens is that you can see your members - across key platforms: Discord, Twitter and the wallet most importantly. This means you can see their Discord roles, how many twitter followers they have, how many people they have invited into your Discord and how many of your NFTs they are holding.

 Figure 1: The members table in frens admin

This information is invaluable and can help you realize who certain people are:

  • "Growth Catalysts": members who invite many others into the community
  • "Influencers": members who have large social following and can get news about your community out
  • "Whales": members who hold a lot of your NFTs

You can use this information to reward members through drops, allow list spots or Discord roles (to access new chats, etc.)

Getting New Members

The frens of frens tool incentivizes bringing new members into your community using Discord's native invites. User earn points when they invite a new person into the community: 100 points for a direct invite, and 50 points for members your invitees invite (down two levels). This incentivizes members to invite people they know will like your community, and will be connected to others who will, as well. frens also allows you to assign Discord roles to users based on the points they've earned. In the image below, we have created two different levels - a "Star" has invited one person, and an "Influencer" has earned 1000 points - either through 10 direct invites or a combination of direct and indirect invites. These roles can then be used to facilitate rewards via airdrops, allow list spots or Discord access.

Figure 2: frens of frens: new member acquisition

Community Sharing on Social Media

Another growth feature of frens is the ability to share URLs directly from within Discord. By using the /share command, you can post a link and some text and have it posted in the channel of your choice. By using this tag, there will now be a [SHARE] button underneath the link and text. Once their Twitter is connected, any user in the Discord can share this link to their Twitter with a single click (they have the opportunity to enter a tweet as well) without leaving Discord. And as a bonus, by connecting Twitter, you can have visibility into their followers and be able to track their shares (see figure 1).

Figure 3: Using the /share command for easy shares

Running Campaigns

There are a few ways to run campaigns using frens. To start, it is not necessary to run campaigns to see value from using frens growth tools - many members appreciate having their contributions be visible. We did a test of the frens-of-frens feature in a number of different communities when we first built it. None of them ran campaigns or provided any incentive, they simply told their members this tool was available and their invite scores would be visible in Discord. The communities grew by an average oif 75%! Even the most established community grew 7% and the newest community grew a whopping 245%!

That said, it can be beneficial to run campaigns. There are a couple good ways to do this.

Time-based Campaigns

With time-based campaigns, you are basically seeing who can get the most invites within a set timeframe. You can reward members in the top positions with crypto, NFTs, allow list spots or anything else you think would inspire them. The key thing to remember is that the leaderboard for invites is an all-time leaderboard (today), so you will need to do some things to make sure it goes smoothly and is fair. To do this type of campaign with frens, you should do the following:

  1. Take not of the current counts. run /invites-leaderboard and copy the values into a document right before you start. This will ensure that no one gets credit in this contest for invites they've already gotten credit for.
  2. In your announcement, be clear that the leaderboard is all time and that members should know their points when the contest starts (they can run /points to get this) - and to run /points whenever they want to know what they have.
  3. Check the leaderboard at least daily and subtract the initial values and announce who the winners are currently.
  4. Set a clear end day and time (remember timezones!) and make sure to run the leaderboard command again and subtract the values from the original Announce winners ASAP.

On-going Rewards

Discord roles can not only open up new channels for users, but can also allow community managers to identify people based on set criteria. frens allows you to assign a Discord role to users who have more than X points (up to you what that threshold is - they get 100 for direct invites, 50 for indirect down two levels), then say what advantage that will give them: access to collab whitelists, giveaways, first spots in future drops/allow list, whatever you think is good! Since it's ongoing, you will likely wnat to put this information somewhere they can always see it like in a read-only channel or something.

Engaging Members in New Ways

We are working at providing a number of tools that can support engagement and other things in Discord. One exciting new feature we are offering is the ability to start NeoSwap parties directly from Discord! If you're not familiar with NeoSwap, it allows you to throw NFT trading "parties". In a party, you select which NFTs you are willing to part with and enter a reserve price, then you are presented with all the NFTs everyone else is willing to part with - you place bids and decide if you are willing to pay any additional crypto for the NFTs (or if you would rather just use the proceeeds from your trades) - then their magic tech finds the best matches and creates a multi-swap of crypto and NFTs. It's fun, a great way to get NFTs you love and get rid of ones that you don't. The figure below shows a sample final trade using NeoSwap.

Figure 4: a NeoSwap trade

We Are Just Getting Started

This is just the beginning of what you will be able to do with frens. If you are interested, sign up for our waitlist and get started for free right away!

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