frens NFT Genesis License Mint

frens will be doing our first license NFT mint. Now is the time to lock in deals and support a great project!
frens offers our core Web3 community CRM for free - always. But our license includes features key to growing communities:
- Twitter sharing
- Member invite incentives
- Analytics
- Community collabs
- (see the roadmap)
Mint Date: 12/15/2022

What you get

This license will be an annual license for all of 2023. All NFT tranches will be a savings over the $50/mo base license fee for frens next year.

Until then, only the NFT will allow full access to frens.

Additionally, you get the following benefits:

  • Full license for all features included in frens for the entire year, including unlimited community size.

  • Genesis minters who hold their NFTs will receive 20% discount to frens as long as they hold the Genesis NFT.

  • Special offers from partners and access to frens to special support, feature request voting, referrals, promotions, collaborations, and more.

Minting Tiers

We will be minting in 4 tiers that grow in price. Each tier will mint until their NFTs have been all sold. Keep in mind all will be a discount over the monthly license cost and all come with the same benefits. A 24-hour pre-sale will be given to current frens users who have submitted proof-of-frens in our Discord.When completed, some of the tiers will release rewards!

(Note: prices in ETH subject to change if market fluctuates. Based on current price ~$1,200/ETH)

100 NFTs

This first tranche is for allowlisted frens users only.

No Specials
Mint Price: .1Ξ
150 NFTs

Second allow-listed tranche at 50% of full mint price. Install frens OR complete the tasks to enter.

Accelerated Community Collabs
5 frens t-shirts giveaway
Mint Price: .2Ξ
250 NFTs

First public tranche at 20% off full mint price.

Accelerated Content + Announcements
5 frens Ledger Wallet with Cases
Mint Price: .35Ξ
500 NFTs

This tranche will release an NFT art drop for all holders!

Accelerated NFT Rewards and Drops
All minters will receive a free NFT ART DROP!
Mint Price: .45Ξ

Get full access to all that frens offers forever. We will only mint as many as we sell from Dec. 15 - Jan. 15th.

All minters receive free NFT ART DROP
Mint Price: 2Ξ


January 2023

Collaboration Automation

frens will allow for easy collaborations with other communities - simply share links to rewards and users will automatically be added to your discord and assigned a role.

February 2023

Actionable Analytics Dashboard

Key analytics will tell you the health of your community and provide actionable insights across platforms: twitter follower growth, discord member growth, discord logins, members with the most NFTs, etc.

March 2023

Announce to Anywhere

One post will send announcements to wherever each of your members prefer: Email, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, SMS.

June 2023

Rewards: On-Chain and Off

Reward your users with pre-built NFTs or with your own NFTs. Multi-chain NFT support.

July 2023


Integration with other tools and chains that are used by Web3 communities, and brands transitioning from Web2. This will include other chat apps (Telegram, etc.), all EVM-compatible chains and more. (We will be doing this ongoing, not just shipping in July.)

September 2023+

Enterprise Features and More...

Enterprise brands require features for managing roles, SSO, community manager analytics and more. We aim to ensure that we are enterprise ready in 2023 to support brands using Web3 for marketing, new product lines, and more.

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