The heart of frens is a Web3 Native CRM.

See your members across the platforms that matter: Discord, Twitter and wallets.

But the real power is what we are building on top.

frens is a CRM + member acquisition + collaboration + engagement and so much more...
Allow Lists

Crowdsource your wallets

Members can connect their own wallets, and community managers can easily access them for allow lists. No more manual wallets.

No DMs from us ever, and wallets are exported anonymously to keep member wallets private.
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token gating

Assign Discord Roles based on NFTs

Understanding what NFTs your users hold is not only valuable, but they deserve to be rewarded. Using frens, you can assign roles and use those roles to give access to special channels and more.
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frens of frens

Incentivize and track invites

frens uses Discord's built in invite tool to track user invites, and give users points (and Discord roles based on points) when they bring new members into the community. By giving points for direct and indirect invites, members are encouraged to invite people who will have affinity, ensuring your growth is organic.
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twitter integration

Native Twitter Integration

You and your members can connect their Twitter account and use that to share news without leaving Discord. Additionally, with these connections, you can see who the social influencers are in your community.
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Neoswap NFT trades

Start NFT Trade Parties in Discord

NeoSwap allows for multi-way NFT trade parties where anyone can choose the NFTs they want to trade, and then see all the NFTs that everyone else wants to trade and bid. It's a fun way to move around some of those NFTs you want to get rid of, or pick up some more.
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And there are so many things to come this year on our roadmap:

Automated Collaborations

Save time and energy finding communities to collaborate with, and share rewards with links that bring new members into your Discord and assign a role to them.

Actionable Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you the key analytics that you need to measure growth and see the health of your community across platforms, and allows you to set critical KPIs.

Content + Announcements

No more missed announcements! Members can choose how they wish to receive important announcements and then you post everywhere from a single UI.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

Have a different question?
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How much does frens cost? Is it free?

frens is free. The community edition will always be available for free and will contain all of the allow listing and wallet connections, NFT token gating, the core CRM and more. We will be launching a license for key growth tools and add-ons in 2023. Anyone who is using frens when we announce licensing will automatically be put in the first tranche for the NFT license mint (currently slated to be $100/yr for this tranche, almost 85% off the regular price).

Is this just for NFT projects?

frens is designed for any Web3 project, from Layer 1 to DAOs to DeFi to GameFi to dApp and more. If you have features you would like to see for your particular niche, we would love to hear ideas!

Do I have to install the Discord bot?

Right now, yes. We are tied to Discord. However, we recognize that not all Web3 communities use Discord, so our long term vision will de-couple us from this platform and allow for more flexibility and more platform integrations.

How do I use frens to grow my community?

Good question - and we have a blog post that is about that exactly. Keep in mind, we ship new features every couple weeks, so make sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.

How do I get started?

Install our bot and you are off and running!

Get Started Using frens NOW!

1. Install the bot in Discord

Install the frens-bot to connect your Discord to the frens CRM and growth tools.

Install frens-bot
2. Run /setup

In discord, make sure frens-bot is setup to work in a private channel, then run /setup to complete the installation.

3. Use it!

You are now ready to use frens to know and grow your community! You can do additional configuration in the admin, or go ahead and start growing!