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frens is decentralizing!

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of something big. By joining our first NFT mint, you can join us to help save time and make better communities and discounted access to better tools.
frens is growing. We are opening up our community to anyone and everyone who has any interest in influencing and building the most powerful platform we can that takes the struggle out of building engaged communities that work!

frens is still free.
frens will be open source.
frens will have a token.
Mint Date:
February 28, 2023

There are
three ways to mint:

Choose your option based on how you want to participate.

frens of frens
For community members who want to support frens and influence rewards.
Access to member profile and rewards feature voting
Exclusive Discord Group
Voting rights on tokenomics whitepaper
Access other great tools at discounted rates
Community & business growth guides
Be the first to receive community incentives and rewards: NFTs + tokens
Best frens
For community managers who want to help influence building tools that make their lives easier.
Access to app feature voting
Exclusive Discord Group
Eligible for token drop rewards
Access other great tools at discounted rates
Voting rights on tokenomics whitepaper
Access other great tools at discounted rates
Community & business growth guides
Opportunity to receive rewards for contributions
Access to mint BFF License
Best frens forever
(Allow list gets first shot)
For community owners and managers who want to have maximum contribution and full license access to frens.
0.1 Eth
*You get everything Best frens get PLUS!

Access to all future frens improvements & features at no cost until 1/2025
Access to personal 1 on 1 consultations

More token drop rewards
A Free Marketing Strategy Session with frens!

Get listed and keep up

The latest information and community happens in our Discord. Join us to stay up with the latest, and find out how to get allowlisted (spoiler alert: we want these spots to go to people who will contribute most to the project).

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frens Growth Community

Gain access to exclusive courses & content to level up your community & drive engagement. 

Want to start your own community management business? Learn the processes- from sales, management & gamification- to build a sustainable CM business. Go from $0-50k in 50 days.

All supported by a community of like-minded individuals for you to connect with & facilitate collaborations.


Q1 2023

Grow OUR Community

This quarter, we are putting together the community. We are finding the key people who will make the community better, who will contribute their ideas and understanding to map out a great product, and a great community.

Q2 2023

Platform and Token Roadmapping

Once our core community is assembled, we will map out the ideal platform, and map out the ideal token model. Voting community members get access to this conversation, and a vote. Part of this is determining how to distribute rewards to community members who contribute.

Q3 2023

Profiles and Launch Prep

As we near token launch, members will help us to continue to grow our community and let others know about the token launch to maximize our reach, as well as the efficacy of the project. Member profiles will be live now, as will incentive engines to empower active members to be recruited into communities.

Q4 2023

Token Launch

Our token will go live. This should raise money for the treasury, and provide new incentives to community members to join and contribute, as well as enable community managers to built bigger and stronger communities.

2024 +

Stronger, Better, Together

We will continue to grow the product as a fully decentralized platform. We will continue to add more integrations and incentives, and market to brands and enterprises who wish to bring the power of Web3 communities to their organizations.

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