frens helps you grow better Web3 communities.

frens is building the next generation of web3 community growth software. Our platform empowers communities to know and grow your communities organically.



frens connects to the key tools Web3 communities use:

The only platform for community growth made just for Web3

frens helps community managers of DAOs, NFT projects, DeFi projects, Web3 gaming projects and more.

Grow your community

We all need more frens. Our platform makes finding them easier.

✓ Easy collaborations.
✓ Engage the network effect.
✓ Incentivize engagement.

Know your community

We help you identify the influencers and contributors in your community.

✓ Who holds the most tokens/NFTs.
✓ Who is active in Discord.
✓ Who is sharing on twitter.

frens of frens

Encourage members to invite their friends.

Easy sharing

Make it easy to share important info on social platforms.

Easy Collaborations

Find and connect to other communities and grow together.

Stay tuned &
grow your community.

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